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Doctor Who and the Universal Vacation

<![CDATA[It's not often that we post fan productions at Radio Free Skaro, but we felt this was too impressive a production to ignore! Created by Kevin Kittridge, co-directed, shot, and edited by Richard Schultz, and featuring a cast of characters and costumes from Bob… Continue Reading “Doctor Who and the Universal Vacation”

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe – Preview Clips

<![CDATA[The BBC today released three new preview clips from the upcoming Christmas special, The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe. Have a look!;

Missing Classic Doctor Who Episodes Found!

<![CDATA[ In some exciting news, the BBC today announced that two previously missing episodes from Classic Doctor Who have been returned to the BBC archives! Air Lock, episode 3 from Galaxy 4, a story which was previously completely missing (save a few minutes presented… Continue Reading “Missing Classic Doctor Who Episodes Found!”

Doctor Who Wrap Party Videos

<![CDATA[Two videos produced exclusively for the wrap party for The End of Time (and David Tennant's, Russell T Davies's, and Julie Gardner's farewell to Doctor Who) have made their way to the internet. If you haven't seen them yet, you can now below! The… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Wrap Party Videos”

Matt Smith at the SPIKE TV Scream Awards

<![CDATA[Here's the clip of Matt Smith winning Best Science Fiction Actor at the recent SPIKE TV Scream Awards, all in fun HD! ]]>

Doctor Who Series 6 In 89 Seconds

<![CDATA[Here's a fun little mashup video recapping Doctor Who's sixth series in a mere 89 seconds. ]]>

Doctor Who Confidential Axed

<![CDATA[ In news that is bound to bother some while others cheer, it was announced earlier today that BBC Three has dropped Doctor Who Confidential from its programme lineup. The news first broke via The Guardian and was later confirmed by Confidential Producer Zoe… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Confidential Axed”

SPACE Podcast – September 26, 2011

<![CDATA[ SPACE Podcast – September 26, 2011. Click here to listen! Being Human creator Toby Whithouse’s latest Doctor Who contribution, The God Complex is the focus of the latest Radio Free Skaro contribution to the InnerSPACE podcast, which is now out after a bit… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – September 26, 2011”

The Wedding of River Song – Prequel

<![CDATA[The Series 6 finale of Doctor Who, The Wedding of River Song is coming next week, and straight after transmission of the penultimate episode, Closing Time, the BBC released the final prequel for the series with a sneak peek at the finale. Take a… Continue Reading “The Wedding of River Song – Prequel”

Let’s Kill Hitler Motion Comic

Doctor Who episode Let’s Kill Hitler aired on BBC America this past weekend with a special (corporate-sponsored) bonus scene: a motorcycle chase through the streets of Berlin that wasn’t filmed for certain reasons. This short scene was ultimately realized through a motion comic –… Continue Reading “Let’s Kill Hitler Motion Comic”