Missing Classic Doctor Who Episodes Found!


In some exciting news, the BBC today announced that two previously missing episodes from Classic Doctor Who have been returned to the BBC archives!

Air Lock, episode 3 from Galaxy 4, a story which was previously completely missing (save a few minutes presented on the Lost In Time DVD set), has been located and returned to the BBC along with episode 2 of the Patrick Troughton story The Underwater Menace.

The Radio Times has a great article about the find, and the BBC itself has posted a lovely piece. The discoveries were presented at the Missing Presumed Wiped event in London.

Given it’s been more than 7 years since the last announced recovery of a missing episode we’re more than a little excited by the news even if the stories in question aren’t exactly classics.

Only 106 missing episodes left to go…

And to whet the appetite, here’s a clip from Galaxy 4:


And a clip from the newly-returned episode of The Underwater Menace:


Additionally, Classic DVD Extras producer Ed Stradling compiled a report on today’s announcement/event:


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