Radio Free Skaro #284 – The Enemy Within


Radio Free Skaro #284 – Click here to listen!

What started out as just another day with just another Radio Free Skaro episode rapidly ballooned into a furor of hype and rumour and finally confirmation as the BBC announced that two Classic Doctor Who episodes, Galaxy 4, Part 3 (entitled Air Lock) and The Underwater Menace, Part 2, had been returned to their archives. There were other things happening in the world of Who, like some DVD news, a rather cool prequel to the upcoming Christmas Special, and even the Global iPlayer going beyond the confines of the iPad, but really, what could hold a candle to the news of New! Classic! Doctor! Who! 2 down, 106 to go…
Show Notes:

Radio Free Skaro…On Google+!
Missing Doctor Who Episodes…FOUND!
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe…Prequel!
Global iPlayer…Comes To iPhone and iPod Touch!
The Eternity…Clock!
Doctor Who…Popular On iTunes!
Upcoming…UK DVD Releases!
March 2012…North America DVD Release Extras!


The…Almost People!

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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #284 – The Enemy Within

  1. The Amy Pond intro is not there on the versions you can get from online stores (iTunes/Amazon/etc). It’s only there on the broadcast version for some reason.

  2. If no one’s answered you yet (and you actually care), the iTunes downloads of Series 6 do NOT include the Amy intro.

  3. And that earlier comment from Tom Z didn’t show up when I was posting. Sorry for the dupe comment. I am dumb.

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