Doctor Who Confidential Axed


In news that is bound to bother some while others cheer, it was announced earlier today that BBC Three has dropped Doctor Who Confidential from its programme lineup.

The news first broke via The Guardian and was later confirmed by Confidential Producer Zoe Rushton.

Cancellation of Confidential was due to BBC Three budget cuts and, apparently, in order to focus on a “priority … to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel” according to a BBC Three spokesperson quoted in The Guardian’s article.

Confidential had been paired with Doctor Who since the very beginning of the show’s relaunch in 2005 and provided behind-the-scenes footage and interviews to give viewers a deeper insight into what went into making the show we all love so much.

The final edition of Confidential to be aired will be this weekend’s When Time Froze, after The Wedding of River Song goes out on BBC One as announced by the BBC. Meanwhile, fandom has initiated a campaign to save Confidential, via twitter, at @SaveDWC.


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