Series 6 Titles – Episodes 1-7

<![CDATA[Extreme spoilerphobes should of course beware, but here are the titles for the first seven episodes of Doctor Who, Series 6. The last of the gaps were filled in by Doctor Who Magazine in issue 433.

  1. The Impossible Astronaut
  2. Day of the Moon
  3. The Curse of the Black Spot
  4. The Doctor’s Wife
  5. Rebel Flesh
  6. The Almost People
  7. A Good Man Goes to War

Factored in with the previous announcement of episode 11’s “The God Complex”, we’ve now got a majority of the Series 6 titles. Now to deal with the wait until the episodes actually go out…

Our opinion has always been that if the information has been released by an official source then it’s not a spoiler, though we realize not everyone shares that opinion.]]>

One Comment on “Series 6 Titles – Episodes 1-7

  1. The Almost People replaces The Gangers. I like the new title, it conjures up scary imagery. Also it resembles the NA novel “The Also People” by Ben Aaronovitch.

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