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Radio Free Skaro #175 – The End of The End of Time

<![CDATA[ It’s the End of Time and the end of an era, and the Three Who Rule were all over the map in their praise and derision of David Tennant and RTD’s swan song. One thing they all did agree on was their palpable… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #175 – The End of The End of Time”

The End of Time Part Two BBC One Trailer

<![CDATA[To help whet the appetite for David Tennant’s swan song, we present here the BBC One trailer for The End of Time Part Two. The usual spoiler alerts apply, and anyone who’s waiting to see the episode on BBC America or SPACE — or… Continue Reading “The End of Time Part Two BBC One Trailer”

The End of Time – New Trailer! (16.12.2009)

<![CDATA[Straight after David Tennant’s episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks went out tonight, the BBC aired a new trailer for The End of Time. While much of the material is recycled from other sources there is indeed new content so standard spoiler warnings apply.… Continue Reading “The End of Time – New Trailer! (16.12.2009)”

BBC Doctor Who Christmas Idents

<![CDATA[As mentioned in previous Radio Free Skaro episodes, the BBC released four holiday-themed idents for BBC One. Originally they came as part of the yearly Adventure Calendar on Day Four but have recently transmitted on BBC One. Now that they have done so (and… Continue Reading “BBC Doctor Who Christmas Idents”

Merry Christmas from David Tennant

<![CDATA[The BBC has posted a couple Christmas greetings with David Tennant with the most nostalgic gift for Classic Who fans as a bonus — old-school CSO fringing! Enjoy! ]]>

Radio Free Skaro on the SPACE Podcast

<![CDATA[The latest episode of The SPACE Podcast has been released featuring a segment by yours truly, The Three Who Rule. The lads introduce themselves to the SPACE Podcast listeners in what’s sure to be the first of many collaborations as Tennant’s last episodes draw… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro on the SPACE Podcast”

BBC One Christmas 2009 Trailer – Doctor Who Clips

<![CDATA[The BBC released the following trailer, in which were a few enticing clips from the two-part Doctor Who story, The End of Time. Possible spoilers follow…: ]]>

Doctor Who: The End of Time Broadcasts Confirmed!

<![CDATA[Today the BBC Press Office officially confirmed transmission dates and times for The End of Time Part One and The End of Time Part Two. The UK will see The End of Time Part One at 6:00 PM GMT on Friday, 25 December whilst… Continue Reading “Doctor Who: The End of Time Broadcasts Confirmed!”

The Waters of Mars on North American DVD and Blu-Ray – February 2

<![CDATA[ It was previously announced that the David Tennant gap year specials would all be released in the form of a box set on February 2, 2010, as well as separately. Well, now we have the details for the DVD and Blu-ray release of… Continue Reading “The Waters of Mars on North American DVD and Blu-Ray – February 2”

Radio Free Skaro #170 – Back To Reality

<![CDATA[ After an eventful few weeks of New Who and rampant podcest, the Three Who Rule (reduced to Two Who Adjudicate for this episode) settled down to news, shenanigans, and rampant avoiding of anything that could possibly be construed as a spoiler. But hope… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #170 – Back To Reality”