Radio Free Skaro #180 – Potions? Seriously?! Potions?


Radio Free Skaro #180 – Click here to listen

It had to happen sooner or later, so the Three Who Rule ripped the bandage off by recording a commentary for The End of Time Part One, that neo-classic from Christmas 2009 containing such classic Who elements as magic potions, laser hands, randy senior citizens and Smell-O-Vision. Did the episode fare better this time round after the scolding it received in Radio Free Skaro 174? You decide. Also discussed was news of Gaiman, gay men, and gained men, er, companions. Onwards!
Show Notes:

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Neil Gaiman Writes For…Doctor Who!
Catherine Morshead directs…Doctor Who!
Bill Nighy…Reunited With Richard Curtis!
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The End of Time Part Two…Wins New Year’s (Sort Of)!
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The Return Of…The Mara!
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The End…Of Time!



15 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #180 – Potions? Seriously?! Potions?

  1. Thanks!
    I can’t shut down on Sunday night until your podcast downloads. Otherwise who would wake me up on Monday????

  2. Just briefly, I thought that Mrs. Trifusis was a call-back to Cicer of Diplos – from Stones of Blood…. Wasn’t one of the paintings in the basement Mrs. Trifusis?

  3. Cessair of Diplos? I’m not seeing a connection there. The Vivian Fey side doesn’t strike a resemblance nor does the Cessair side. A prison guard in a cult vs. a scientist vs. a thief/nutter. I might be missing something. Unless my vision is bad and I didn’t note Ms Trefusis was covered in a blue/grey body paint.

  4. The painting of Ms Trefusis was “away being cleaned”, I believe. Or perhaps the raven took it while he was gnawing off all of Mr. De Vries’s hair.

  5. Hmm, just doiwnloaded the latest episode as my first taster of RFS. Why, when you all obviously hate it, do you want to record a commentary on EoT1. Watching it again is doubtful enough, but sharing your hatred abroad? What’s the point of that? I hate EastEnders – so I don’t watch it, nor do I record commentaries of it. Go and watch something you like guys and stop being such moaning minnies. Moaning is not great entertainment….

  6. Hi Mark,

    First off, welcome to the show. Our usual routine since we started RFS in August 2006 is to do commentary podcasts for all the new series episodes, usually a few months after our initial review. It gives us a chance to discuss the episodes with a little more depth and hindsight.

    Of course, we do a commentary for every episode, whether or not we liked it, loved it, or hated it (the only new series episodes we haven’t touched are most of those from Series 2). The End of Time didn’t sit well with us, but we weren’t going to skip it just because of that. On the opposite side of the coin, the last commentary (RFS #173) we did was for The Waters of Mars, which all three of us rank in the very top echelon of Doctor Who episodes ever, new and old.

    Anyway, we give our honest opinions of Doctor Who whenever we talk about it on the show, but rest assured, we are all huge fans of the show and have been for as long as we can remember (even if it doesn’t seem like it at times!). We hope you can find past and future episodes of RFS that will be more enjoyable for you.

  7. I’m a new listener to your podcast as well and have found the constant bashing kind of frustrating. I’ll stick with it because we do have a new series with a new doctor and RTD will be gone, so I’m looking forward to more positives. I’m listening to this podcast right now actually. I appreciate the work you put into the show though. I’m sure it’s not easy.

  8. Wendell/Mark – Go back and listen to the older podcasts. This was HOPEFULLY an abberation not to be repeated.

    I have listened almost religiously to this podcast for the last year and normally love my Monday mornings because I laugh and enjoy the jokes/asides/comments and knowledge these three gents share with us the lowly listener. It is almost like being in a bar with friends and just having a great time.

    It is obvious they love Doctor Who and know a lot about it. And frankly the other podcasts around about DW leave me gasping for anything even rap music so much I have deleted them all from my ipod.

    But I agree.. this Monday I actually stopped listening and switched to Wait Wait just for some humor …..

    Guys.. I went back and replayed #174 (after tuning out #180 more than 3 times and having to start it again) and even though you bashed this particular episode to death in that one too – You had fun doing it. Yes the bile was still there, the Numbess was still there, you only like John Simms in this one, you still hate RTD etc. But this time you were so NUMB it was like 3 boys in the back of class just killing time waiting for the 3 pm bell to go off.

    Maybe you are so into the show and the particulars now that you can’t sit back and just enjoy the show for the shows sake. If you could a lot of your “hate” would not be present. And fyi… even from your own lips.. if not for RTD you would not have a show to watch right now ! (not defending him…but come on think about it?)

    And last…. from your comment about no one complaining about your Star Trek bashing… you don’t do it well enough to complain. In our house most weekends we watch Star Trek, DW and SJA… and believe me my tween can do it better than you!

    OK, thats my 2 cents…

  9. Wendell – thanks for the comments. It does seem like an awful lot of bashing at times, there’s no way one can say otherwise, however we never bash anything that doesn’t (in our opinions) deserve it. The End of Time was, for the most part, just plain terrible and a lousy way to send off the most popular Doctor ever (depending upon which polls you read of course) and nothing about it that was bashed didn’t deserve it. Positives, when present, are duly noted as well. Nevertheless the negativity does sometimes get to be too much and if you skim back just 3 weeks you’ll find #177, an episode we dedicated to a number of positiv things about RTD and his (now-ended) era.

    One of my personal mantras is “credit where credit is due” which by nature has to not only praise things when good but point out flaws when they show up. Alas The End of Time is 95% flaws and that’s what’s going to get the focus in any discussion.

  10. Mollie – you might have nailed it squarely on the head about numbness. I can’t speak for the others but I so greatly disliked The End of Time that I found it difficult to build any enthusiasm about watching it again. Part One, anyhow. Part Two at least has a few brighter spots. Thankfully last night I had a bit of a palate cleanser in the shape of Utopia. Now that’s some amazing stuff.

  11. Mollie/Chris, thanks much for the feedback, I really do appreciate people taking the time to read my comments! I listened through the entire podcast and was really really tempted to turn if off after the line “cry you pansy” came up. even on the podcast where you brought up the positves there seemed to be a negative undertone. Like I said though, I’ll continue to listen and look forward to the new series with matt smith. I listen to a few podcasts and do enjoy bits and pieces of each I’ve listened to. I’ll go back and check out some older episodes in the free time before the new series starts. thanks again!

  12. I didn’t think the “bashing” was out of line in this episode. End of TIme 1 had huge flaws, the boys discussed and criticized them fairly without being gratuitous. They praised where appropriate as well – I’m remember Euros Lyn getting a shout out. Well done.

  13. Wondering if you guys feel the same way about the 7th doctor episodes with “magic” in them. I thought Clarke’s Law takes care of it quite nicely. 🙂

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