Radio Free Skaro #179 – No Scutage in Eternity


Radio Free Skaro #179 – Click here to listen

The news of a Doctor Who movie sent The Three Who Rule so far past the point of bile they circled back around to apathy, but not without taking a few hostages along the way. In a slow news week to end all slow news weeks, digression and hatred were employed like plow horses in an effort to simply fill time. Steven points the gun of spite squarely in a new direction, Warren wastes no time in slagging off other Sci Fi TV shows and Chris even sings a few bars… it’s just that kind of episode.
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
Gallifrey One…Schedule!
Doctor Who…US Movie?!
Phil Ford Writes…a CBBC Game Show!
RTD…On Target!
Matt Smith’s Action Figure…Elusive!
Smith & Jones…Script!
John Barrowman…Desperate!
Restoration Of…The Space Museum and The Chase!
Next North American…DVD Releases (Part 1)!
Next North American…DVD Releases (Part 2)!
Underworld…DVD Extras!
The Talons of Weng-Chiang…Revisited!


9 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #179 – No Scutage in Eternity

  1. Hey! I like Stargate! SGU has great promise.

    You’ve complained before about the militaristic aspects of the stargate franchaise, and while that this a valid concern abut the show, I believe it is handled very well. the mere fact that they are military has often been a plot point by changing how the secondary characters interact with them. (“We invited you to our world in the name of peace and friendship, why have you brought guns??” “Well, we trust YOU, but we dont know your people. . .”)

  2. Caprica has an incredible opening title sequence. I like the stylised look and at least there’s a show that can still be bothered to create something unique and interesting for the titles (I”m looking at you Lost and Heroes). Great music too. But not sci-fi either? So which genre does the killer robot and the VR mind transfer concept fit into exactly? 😉

  3. I still can’t fathom you guys at all.
    It’s a quiet week, so you spend many minutes discussing a Phil Ford kids quiz show, which has basically nothing to do with Dr Who plus you actually seem keen to watch a cheesy Australian show for 4-8 year olds featuring a plastic dog with only the most tenuous links to Dr Who and has nothing to do with the BBC at all, and yet, you continue to ignore other officially licensed media, specifically Big Finish, which features scripts from Dr Who TV writers, has to show it’s scripts to BBC Wales for approval and features actual TV Doctors and companions in original dramas?
    No mention of the new 7th Doctor mini-season featuring a Nazi companion?
    You would rather talk about action figures and Barrowman’s appearance in Desperate Housewives?
    No one is suggesting that you HAVE to like audio plays or novels but acting like they don’t exist or have no worth seems very strange to me.

    This is not a rant and contains no anger, just puzzlement. More power to your podcasting elbow.

  4. you guys are really strange…

    I’m getting more and more confused what it is that excites you about doctor who when you don’t seem to like anything else related to science fiction.

    hey, how about this: why don’t you do a special about yourselves in which you tell us what you love about doctor who, how you became fans and what else you like to watch and why. maybe that way it gets easier to understand where you’re coming from.

    if you already did that in a past episode that I might have missed, please point me into the right direction!

  5. @Tsuliwaensis: they did explain all that in #169.

    On the topic of the movie:

    The movie seems like a bad idea no matter how you slice it. If it features Tennant and Piper there would be no jeopardy at all for their characters since we already know their eventual fates. So we’d have to be given a whole bunch of new people to care about (which we wouldn’t, since they aren’t the main characters).

    Also, you know it’s going to have to be some big epic universe threatening plot (probably involving Daleks), and that’s just not what Dr Who is about. (Or at least, that’s not what it does well.)

  6. I made that statement about Caprica after seeing the pilot….admittedly they’ve cranked up the sci-fi since. Still really conflicted about the opening titles though.

    And I love good sci-fi, hence my love for most of BSG, some Star Trek and other bits and pieces, and many, many movies. But just watching something that’s stamped “sci-fi”…feh.

    And no matter what the merits of Big Finish (and I’m sure there are many), I just can’t get into audio dramas of any sort. Is that my fault? Maybe, but it’s always kept me from listening to Big Finish and will likely continue to do so.

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