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New Trailer for Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part One

<![CDATA[Here's the trailer for The End of Time that aired at the end of Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars: ]]>

Radio Free Skaro #167 – Philling Time Before The Waters of Mars

<![CDATA[ With just a week to go before the UK premiere of the next Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, RFS’s own Steven sat down with the co-writer of the special, Phil Ford, to talk about the episode in an exclusive, in-depth interview… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #167 – Philling Time Before The Waters of Mars”

Waters of Mars – BBC One Trailer #2

<![CDATA[The BBC today released a second, shorter trailer for The Waters of Mars. New footage appears and as always spoiler warnings do apply for those phobics in the crowd. That being said, Mars awaits! ]]>

Waters of Mars Preview Clips

<![CDATA[The Guardian website has posted a video featuring three (roughly) one minute-long clips from the upcoming gap year special The Waters of Mars, including previously unseen footage. Obviously spoiler tags apply in this situation, but for those who want to delve forward and partake… Continue Reading “Waters of Mars Preview Clips”

The Waters of Mars – Sunday, November 15

<![CDATA[The press launch for the upcoming Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, took place in London on October 30. Many in attendance were shocked by what they saw, and many were amazed. The rest of us don’t have to wait long, either, as… Continue Reading “The Waters of Mars – Sunday, November 15”