Doctor Who: The End of Time Broadcasts Confirmed!

<![CDATA[rfs_space_badgeToday the BBC Press Office officially confirmed transmission dates and times for The End of Time Part One and The End of Time Part Two. The UK will see The End of Time Part One at 6:00 PM GMT on Friday, 25 December whilst Part Two will go out on Friday, 1 January from 6:40 PM GMT. Speculation has been rife of late and it’s always at least a bit wonderful to see nobody had guessed correctly.

On the other side of the pond, SPACE has today released when Canada will see Tennant’s finale. While The Waters of Mars will be seen at the same time on SPACE and BBC America, Canadians will have to wait a whole extra week to see The End of Time Part One. SPACE will be running a Doctor Who-themed marathon on Saturday, January 2 featuring a double run of Torchwood: Children of Earth followed by the Doctor Who gap year specials in order. The End of Time Part One will finally air at 8:00 PM EST in an 80-minute slot while Part Two will follow immediately after at 9:20 PM EST in a 100-minute slot. (SPACE is a commercial network and therefore has to allow time for advertising.)

For those in Canada or otherwise with access to SPACE, it looks like January 2 is going to be a good day to be a couch potato. ]]>

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