Radio Free Skaro #175 – The End of The End of Time


Radio Free Skaro #175 – Click here to listen

rfs175It’s the End of Time and the end of an era, and the Three Who Rule were all over the map in their praise and derision of David Tennant and RTD’s swan song. One thing they all did agree on was their palpable excitement over Matt Smith’s new Doctor and Steven Moffat’s upcoming stewardship of Doctor Who, and that it’ll be a long few months indeed before Spring 2010. Geronimo!
Show Notes:

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The End of Time…Part Two!
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The End of Time…Appreciated!
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10 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #175 – The End of The End of Time

  1. OK, my entire family caught and called out the Weeping Angels moment and you missed it? My daughter even slow motioned the trailer and saw them in the clip for Season 5.

  2. I even missed the mention when watching The End of Time Part Two for the second time earlier today. 🙂

  3. I was surprised at how much I liked Tennant’s last episode. Maybe it’s because my expectations were lowered so much from last week’s turd, or maybe it really was a lot better, but it certainly didn’t make me angry. It actually got more things right than it did wrong, I think. Like Steven, I was absolutely dreading the Big Reveal about the ever-so-mysterious Woman In White, and I’m so glad we still have no idea who she is. And although I thought the “Farewell Tour” to all the companions at the end was a bit clunky and heavy-handed (it would have been so, so much better for the Doctor to die on the floor of the radiation booth) I think they were handled well. Especially Rose. That really could have sucked hard. With the Time Lock broken, I’m sure it was very tempting for RTD to consider having the Doctor pop back into the parallel universe ONE. LAST. TIME. just to check up on Rose and his clone. And of course they would have been happy and smiling and probably have had a baby or something. But he didn’t. Good for him. And I totally agree about Matt Smith, he’s gonna be brilliant. Anyway, great show. Now that Tennant is finished maybe you could do another installment in your Doctor-by-Doctor retrospective. I’m really curious to hear what you guys think about “Fear Her.”

  4. I gave the episode a second viewing the day after it aired/we recorded and I did appreciate it a bit more, perhaps due to knowing what was to come and accepting that it was on the way and just taking it for what it was. I certainly got more out of the radiation scene and what led up to it, though I did also nod off a couple times earlier on since I still didn’t find it all that interesting again.

    Alas knowing about the farewell tour meant I knew he wasn’t going to regenerate in the booth, although I was certainly pulling for that to happen. It would have been a nice touch and lots could have been done with Wilf’s reaction.

    The time lock on the Time War and Rose being stranded in the parallel universe are separate entities, though indeed it was great that RTD didn’t devise yet another haphazard way for The Doctor to go see Rose over there. While I could have done without the visits altogether, I will happily say I appreciated something new happening with Rose there.

    As to Fear Her, the others covered that before I joined in, very early on. Not that I remember what they had to say about it other than utter hatred of it. 🙂

  5. There was an issue with the content distribution partner we use and if you were unlucky enough to be one of the few to try getting the episode while the link was flawed, got a greyed-out entry in iTunes with an error in your Podcast listings, and deleted the error line then iTunes won’t fetch it automatically and you’ll have to fetch it manually (it’s there in the iTunes store entry for us to do so now). If that’s NOT the case then I have no idea and you can always unsubscribe and resubscribe and it’ll work that way as well.

  6. Just an extremely irrelevant and pointless observation, but, although RTD has had a number of instances where he’s been intentionally misleading, I don’t think we still know whether or not he was truly misleading with the “last letter is N” comment. Because, I took the comment to be that it was the last letter in the script, not the last letter of the last line of dialogue. So, presumably, after the Doctor’s final words, there was a stage direction, possibly something like this: ‘The Doctor stands, and begins the process of regeneration.”

  7. No, that’s a good point, citizenmilton, as that is indeed what RTD is referring to (last line in the script, not necessarily the last line in the episode or of David Tennant) in his production notes. I looked at the DWM afterward and only wished I knew it at the time so that I could pedant Chris. Oh, well. Next time.

  8. OK, was this planned or commented on and I missed it? My musician husband says the 4 beats is a basic part of the theme music as well. He and the kids even played the theme on the stero with the TV on the Master… and the beats are in sync… they gave me a drum lesson with it in multi room stero!

  9. Hey,

    Loved the bit where Steven says “RTD, just when i though you couldn’t do anything dumber . . . you go and do something like this . . . ”

    You can almost hear Chris and Warren leaning forward in their seats, rubbing their hands and thinking “oh, here we go! this is gonna be great! hes gonna tear into RTD!” and then the moment of truth(“And TOTALLY redeem yourself!”) and the resounding silence of their shock.


    I have not commented before, but I have been enjoy RFS for the better part of the last year, keep it up guys you’ve got another new fan!

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