Radio Free Skaro #58 – Live from Edmonton (well, sorta)!

Yes, for only the second time in Radio Free Skaro history, two of the hosts of the show were in the same place at the same time, huddled around a single computer. Of course, with the inclusion of the Third Guy, we still used the invisible tethers of the Internet to connect to London, and those tethers eventually snapped, leaving him relaying his messages to us via telegraph and carrier pigeon for the final minutes of the show. But despite the technical difficulties of both this week and last, we pressed on, bringing you a bumper crop of news, sarcasm and a few selections from the Series 3 soundtrack for your listening pleasure.

Radio Free Skaro #58 delayed

Apologies to all eagerly awaiting another episode of Radio Free Skaro. We ran into a few technical snags, which may or may not be related to upgrading to Leopard but certainly isn’t helping me record the podcast. We’re aiming for a Sunday spectacular, once I’ve beaten my Macbook Pro into submission. Crossed fingers!

Andrew Cartmel to write for Torchwood?

Andrew Cartmel, best known for his quasi-mysterious (but mostly not so mysterious) interpretation of Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor, is rumored to be writing an episode of season two of Torchwood. Pray this does not occur…not that Torchwood is the sine quoi non of writing in the first place.

Radio Free Skaro #57 – Meanderings and Miscellany

Another grab-bag episode of diversions, insults and tomfoolery for the Radio Free Skaro crew, as Chris reports in from London on the various Who goings-on from the past week (the biggest being the return of Peter Davison for the Children in Need special in a few short weeks) and all three contribute their opinions and insights to all things Who. And plenty more besides, including insulting straight white males, somehow working stories of the making of SCTV in the mix, and generally shooting their mouths off. Enjoy!

Radio Free Skaro #56 – the Knife of Jealousy

What started as a grab bag of factoids and bon mots degenerated into repeated threats upon the Third Guy’s person as we came to grips the full force of our jealousy at his new home of London, England. Along the way we discussed much news, reviewed the newest Sarah Jane Adventure, and tried to figure out if the rumours of Peter Davison donning his old costume and joining with David Tennant for the upcoming Children in Need special were in fact true, only to have the BBC confirm it mere moments after our podcast. Still, jaunty banter and death threats for all.

“Avatar” begins shooting in New Zealand

James Cameron’s Avatar, a wildly ambitious mix of live action and photo realistic, 3-d animation, just began filming in New Zealand. Everything I’ve read about this film indicates it’s going to be a monumental step forward in film technology and presentation, and possibly a monstrous financial disaster. Of course, that’s what everyone said about Titanic, which went onto grab a boatload of Academy Awards and over a billion dollars in ticket revenue. WETA, the fine people behind the effects for the Lord of the Rings trilogy, are on board for Cameron’s latest foray into sci-fi megalomania.

Radio Free Skaro #55 – Last of the Time Snores

Our last commentary episode also marks a first, in that the Third Guy called in from London with tales of errant police boxes, playbills aplenty and dodgy internet connectivity. Oh yeah, and we commented on Last of the Time Lords, and were none too kind to it, sending it to bed without diner and making it think long and hard about what it had done.

WTF? Simon Pegg as Scotty?

JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost and Heroes, is also the driving force between a new reboot of the Star Trek franchise starring the original Enterprise crew during their first missions. All well and good, and I’d rather see JJ Abrams tackle Trek than Rick “yeah, I’ve been out of ideas since the mid-90’s” Berman, but apparently he’s cast Simon “Shaun of the Dead” Pegg as Scotty. Pegg has appeared in Doctor Who and I have no doubt of his genre bona fides….but Scotty? Something about that just doesn’t work for me.

Nothing says Xmas like a Dalek/human hybrid mask

English parents are sure to be irritated within seconds of their children unwrapping their presents and pulling out this mask, which not only portrays the lovely face of a Dalek/Human hybrid, but also modifies the wearer’s voice. Why anyone would want to be reminded of the excreable Daleks in Manhattan episode is beyond me, but I guess it beats a Toclafane mask. dlkGTTdd.jpg

Vin Diesel and McG for Terminator 4?

I think I hear the angry, thundering hooves of the apocalypse. Rumour has it McG, the director of the execrable Charlies Angels movies, and Vin “Pitch Black” Diesel may make a fourth Terminator movie. While Diesel’s not a terrible choice for a Terminator, McG isn’t fit to shoot a one-year-old’s birthday party. Let’s hope this one rots in development hell.