Radio Free Skaro #53 – Truly, this is Utopia

A high watermark for both the classic and new series, Utopia is an hour of top-rate Who, and the Three comment on it mightily, including some off-color joking about by Warren (Mr. Jacobi, the remark was meant as a joke, so please call off those lawyers, there’s a good fellow.) Listen to us gush over Utopia…and oh yeah, a bit or two of news might get covered as well.

Update: Chris caught a glitch at the end of the show, so I’ve fixed that. Hopefully the RSS feed will reflect that soon.

Radio Free Skaro #52 – The Art of Blinksmanship

With a surfeit of news, the premiere of the Sarah Jane Adventures and Blink, one of the seasons best episodes, as the subject of our commentary, the Three Who Rule had plenty to shoot their mouths off about. And shoot they did, though not always on topic. Enjoy!   

Stephen Fry has a blog

Stephen Fry, one of the funniest men on the planet, now has a blog. Drop what you’re doing immediately and read it.For the uninitiated, Stephen Fry is not only a novelist and playwright but also one of the stars of V for Vendetta, Blackadder, and countless other British films and television shows, and he’s also had a Doctor Who script in the pipeline for the last couple of seasons.

Movie piracy…circa 1978

Concerned about piracy? So was the film industry…when Superman: The Movie was released. Youtube has a hard hitting investigation from 60 Minutes (part 1, part 2) on nefarious movie pirates and their newfangled video-taping instruments. (found on Boing Boing)

Radio Free Skaro #51 – The Podcast of Blood

Despite Chris (the “Third Guy”) being set upon by some sort of throat ailment, the RFS crew set forth and valiantly commentated on “The Family of Blood,” the second part of Paul Cornell’s season 3 magnum opus and a corking bit of Who into the bargain. We also miraculously rescued 14 minutes of news from the doldrums of between-season uneventfulness.

Radio Free Skaro #50 – Human, Naturally

A truly momentous milestone, as we celebrate our 50th episode of Radio Free Skaro with…well, nothing really. Nothing, that is, except a corking bit of episode-ery known as “Human Nature,” one of the highlights of Season 3. Join Warren, Steven, and Chris (otherwise known as the Third Guy) as they expostulate on the fine craftwork and Edwardian elegance of the first portion of Paul Cornell’s masterwork.

Paul Cornell’s WorldCon report

Paul Cornell, the write of Human Nature, Family of Blood and other outstanding Who episodes, weighs in with his impressions of WorldCon 2007 in Japan.

Mini-doctor goes to Japan

The recent WorldCon science fiction convention in Japan was the scene of not only high class nerdery and awards won by Doctor Who writers, but also the backdrop for one 5-inch action figure’s adventure of a lifetime.

Web of Fear found?

The Web of Fear, one of the many long-lost Doctor Who episodes from the 1960s, is rumored to have been found. Doctor Who Online appears to be sorta-kinda backing off from their announcement of the news, while DWIN gives a good summary of the resulting fan tizzy.

Radio Free Skaro #49 – is about 42

Steven, Warren and the supremely jaunty Chris tackle 42, a madcap romp through a spaceship hurtling towards a dying sun, for this the 49th episode of Radio Free Skaro. We also tackle the recent announcement of a “gap year” for the series involving three specials in 2009, along with confirmation of the fourth and fifth series. And of course we ramble off-topic as usual about matters of great import.