Welcome to Radio Free Skaro!

This blog is an extension of the Radio Free Skaro podcast, a Doctor Who podcast which has been going on for the better part of a year and has managed to amass a small group of fans. I’d like to give them a place to discuss the podcast, as well as branch out into other sci-fi, gaming, British TV, and popular culture matters. This blog will give us a chance to do just that.

Radio Free Skaro episode 2

Radio Free Skaro #2 – Click here to listen

Warren and Steve talk about the Christmas Invasion and New Earth, genuflect on the glory of Pyramids of Mars, and discuss some new rumours and scuttlebutt.

Radio Free Skaro episode 1

Radio Free Skaro #1 – Click here to listen

Freyburg and I Am Steven discuss the classic series, the new series, some of the differences between the two, some current news about the new series and North American DVD releases, and Freyburg manages to slag Phantom of the Opera. Be kind, it’s our first episode.