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Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE

SPACE (, the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood in Canada, announced today that Radio Free Skaro will be blogging for the nation’s sci-fi channel, by way of our own Warren Frey! Warren will naturally be blogging about all things Doctor Who leading up… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE”

Gary Russell experiences HAVOC

Last night at the monthly Doctor Who New York (DWNY) meetup, special guest Gary Russell — former Doctor Who Magazine editor, author, actor and current script editor — was presented with a swish Radio Free Skaro “Action by HAVOC” mug. Thanks go to Barnaby… Continue Reading “Gary Russell experiences HAVOC”

Radio Free Skaro presents Bridging The Rift

A couple weeks ago, Radio Free Skaro released a special Wednesday Cutaway episode of our podcast, focusing on the controversy surrounding Torchwood: Children of Earth and the perceived homophobia centred around the series. Hosted by Katrina, Nat and Erik, the episode proved to be… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro presents Bridging The Rift”

Party like it’s 1963

Among the other announcements today, it has also been revealed the TARDIS will be getting a rather retro feel. As has previously been discussed on Radio Free Skaro, the press have leaked rumours that the TARDIS would have a white, retro feel inside but… Continue Reading “Party like it’s 1963”

Radio Free Skaro – Wednesday Cutaway

In a noteworthy Wednesday cutaway, Radio Free Skaro enlisted the help of some of our LGBT listeners to hold a discussion on the recent uproar about Torchwood: Children of Earth (about which there will be spoilers!) and the perceived homophobia many in the fandom… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro – Wednesday Cutaway”

Announcing…Skaro Shop!

In honour of our impending 150th episode of Doctor Who: Radio Free Skaro (as well as the looming third anniversary of this humble podcast), we are celebrating the occasion on two fronts : 1) The ever so slight redesign of the Radio Free Skaro… Continue Reading “Announcing…Skaro Shop!”

At The Roof of the World

After months of planning, fundraising, training, retraining, panicking, more planning, more fundraising, and, finally, one good solid week of panic beforehand, Neil Perryman has successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching the world’s tallest free standing mountain on June 18. And now, the photographic proof (as… Continue Reading “At The Roof of the World”

Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs

Those of you who listen to Radio Free Skaro know that the general consensus of the hosts in regards to their thoughts on Torchwood veer from indifference to disappointment to pleasantly surprised to, even, anticipointment. With few highlights (“Small Worlds”, “Something Borrowed”) in the… Continue Reading “Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs”

Thank You, Radio Free Skaro Listeners

As you read this, our friend Neil Perryman is either on a plane to Africa, in Africa preparing for his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, or at the very top of the mountain itself, admiring the view and his accomplishment whilst breathing deeply into a… Continue Reading “Thank You, Radio Free Skaro Listeners”

Who Party in Toronto – June 13, 2009

Those of you in the Toronto area should circle Saturday, June 13 on your calendar, and those of you who aren’t in Toronto will want to be on that date, as well. On that day, Who Party 14 will be taking place, a one… Continue Reading “Who Party in Toronto – June 13, 2009”