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At The Roof of the World

After months of planning, fundraising, training, retraining, panicking, more planning, more fundraising, and, finally, one good solid week of panic beforehand, Neil Perryman has successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching the world’s tallest free standing mountain on June 18. And now, the photographic proof (as… Continue Reading “At The Roof of the World”

Thank You, Radio Free Skaro Listeners

As you read this, our friend Neil Perryman is either on a plane to Africa, in Africa preparing for his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro, or at the very top of the mountain itself, admiring the view and his accomplishment whilst breathing deeply into a… Continue Reading “Thank You, Radio Free Skaro Listeners”

Help Neil Perryman Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro

On June 10, 2009, Radio Free Skaro’s good friend Neil Perryman (of Tachyon TV fame), along with Palma Carter, will attempt to climb the highest free-standing mountain in the world – Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. At a height of 19,340 feet or 5,900 metres… Continue Reading “Help Neil Perryman Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro”