At The Roof of the World


After months of planning, fundraising, training, retraining, panicking, more planning, more fundraising, and, finally, one good solid week of panic beforehand, Neil Perryman has successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, reaching the world’s tallest free standing mountain on June 18. And now, the photographic proof (as seen above). We at Radio Free Skaro offer our heartiest of congratulations to Neil, and we also offer our immense gratitude to all of you who helped him get up the mountain.

As you can see, though, this was all one gigantic ruse to promote the most ostentatious new logo unveilling in the history of branding, but, yes that is our slightly reworked logo that Neil is proudly displaying. In the next couple of weeks, not only will this website have a slightly new look about it, but you will be able to purchase T-shirts, hats, buttons, coffee cups, and all sorts of memorabilia with the new Radio Free Skaro logo on it (along with a few extra surprises). Hooray!

Neil, glad to have you “down and safe”, as it were, but your descent from Cloud 9 will probably take a little while longer.

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