Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE


SPACE (, the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood in Canada, announced today that Radio Free Skaro will be blogging for the nation’s sci-fi channel, by way of our own Warren Frey! Warren will naturally be blogging about all things Doctor Who leading up to the Canadian premiere of the last three David Tennant gap year specials on SPACE, as well as the upcoming series featuring Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor in Spring 2010.

Click here to read Warren’s introductory blog entry, and stay tuned to for future updates on our new relationship with SPACE!

One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE

  1. Congratulations, Warren. I’m sure this will result in a great blog. And we now have someone who can bug SPACE to get the correct versions of The Empty Child (with dialogue restored), Last Of The Time Lords (full 51 minute episode), and Journey’s End (full 63 minute episode). 😉

    Seriously, congratulations. Remember us all as you move up the inevitable ladder from Blogger to head of the CTV/SPACE Multi-Empire.

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