Radio Free Skaro #657 – Fish Fingers and Custard Creams

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It’s the second week of new Doctor Who and one Jodie Whittaker and her Time Friends are wandering an alien planet, fighting killer bedsheets and practicing Venusian aikido, and the news has not let up one jot. New TARDIS, new title sequence, new appearances, the Dreaded Stats return to menace Warren and delight Steven and Chris and a surfeit of tat, videos, Big Finish and more!

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Episode 2, “The Ghost Monument”
Ben Pickles talks about the new title sequence
Episode 3 & 4 details released
Rosa will go out on BBC One at 6:55pm Oct 21
Featurette on the new TARDIS
The Woman Who Fell to Earth BBC One overnight viewing figures
BBC America viewing figures for The Woman Who Fell to Earth
New York Comic Con Doctor Who panel
Chibnall and Strevens interviewed by TV Insider
Jodie Whittaker Q&A with SPACE
Jodie Whittaker on The Social
Jodie Whittaker Reddit AMA
Doctor Who streetwear collection at Selfridges
Honest Trailers takes on nuWho
Honest Trailers takes on Classic Who
Big Finish Tenth Doctor volume 3 announced
River Song series 6 & 7 announced
Big Finish Short Trips to continue through 2020
DWAS unveiled the William Hartnell blue plaque
Bernard Cribbins autobiography released
Tony Curran announced for Chicago TARDIS

2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #657 – Fish Fingers and Custard Creams

  1. Thought this episode was just dull. Attack of the wet blankets…really? They’re able to get away with almost anything creative in doctor who, but that’s their best idea. Jodie is a good actor, but she’s a paint by numbers sort of character and doesn’t stand out at all.


  2. “This world has been made cruel.”: What are the Stenza and how vast is their power?
    How could the Doctor have someone/Hepburn’s sunglasses when she found her clothes in a second-hand shop? It’s not like Ten and his coat from Janice Joplin!
    The opening credits are awesome! If they had opened episode one with that, I would’ve been in from the jump! Well doon, Mr. Pickles!
    Onward! Upward! Allows-Y!

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