Radio Free Skaro #658 – The Spirit of Rosa

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For a show about time travel, Doctor Who doesn’t really go deep on matters historical, preferring a quick tour and a laugh to really getting into events as they unfold. But that changed this week with “Rosa,” a look at how civil rights hero Rosa Parks herself changed the world, and how the Doctor and the Time Team deal with both alien threats and a very different (but also somewhat familiar) world to 2018. What did Steven, Warren, and Chris think of the episode? And will a very special addition to the stats report cause Warren to finally lose what’s left of his mind?

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5 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #658 – The Spirit of Rosa

  1. 3 episodes in and we’re still no clearer on who this doctor is or even why her friends are there. No character growth, another bland enemy and a story that was just beating us over the head with stuff we already know and I think this is a bit insulting. Here we have a huge historical moment and they’ve gone back and made it about 2 white people (the doctor and Walsh) that made it happen.

    Also, why was this on so late? I’m guessing it’s becasue of the actual issue it talks about?

    I really don’t understand why Chris Chibnall wanted to be the main writer if he has so little to bring to the table. Really bored by this new doctor who with too many characters all of which are underwritten, bland or no bad guys, weak plots and a doctor that looks mostly bored and acts like a companion instead of the doctor.

    I’ll give next weeks ago, but if little changes, I think I’m done with doctor who.

  2. This was a good discussion. This episode was notable for NOT approaching issues of race allegorically. But the whole feel was different than what I’ve seen on Who before, which is a plus for me. I like being surprised and I like the fact that the show can be so different but somehow maintain its balance and identity.

    The more I think about it, the more I like it. It was something very different for Who and I loved it. I look forward to what comes next.

  3. One vibe I got from this and wonder if this went into another part of why Chibnall wanted to do this story, is that as “time travel story” goes, this was in the Back to the Future mode where the tension in the story derives from the gang desperately needing to make sure that the thing that’s supposed to happen does happen.

    Also, not sure if memory serves but isn’t ’55 the operating year in BTTF?

    Anyway, who nose, but just a thought.

  4. Star Trek theme dept: electric violin, not theremin. (No theremin in DW, no theremin in ST, no theremin in “Good Vibrations”; next it’ll come out that THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL used a kazoo and a slide whistle)

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