Radio Free Skaro #656 – No Sir, All Thirteen

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The long, long wait is finally over as Doctor Who returns to our screens all new but somehow every bit as Who-ish as ever. What did your esteemed hosts think of “The Woman Who Fell To Earth?”, not to mention Jodie Whittaker, said earth-falling woman and the new Doctor Who? Listen to both their thoughts and news of all the hype and glory leading up to Series 11 starting…now!

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Episode 1 “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”
Series 11 Coming Soon
Episode 1 Behind The Scenes
Stuart Manning poster for The Woman Who Fell to Earth
“The Ghost Monument” airs at 655pm on October 14 on BBC One
BBC America had a Doctor Who pre-party and after-party
BBC America Panel from New York City Comic-Con
Lynne & Erika from Verity! appeared on the preshow
Jodie Whittaker on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnall on Build Series panel
Jodie Whittaker talks about the genesis of her costume
Her Universe Doctor Who collection now available at Hot Topic
Jodie Whittaker on the Radio Times cover
Jodie Whittaker surprises Sheffield schoolchildren
Gallifrey One early autumn update
Doctor Puppet Episode 8 – the final episode?
Doctor Puppet complete score available
Doctor Who Limited Edition Thirteenth Doctor Barbie unveiled
Big Finish celebrates the 13th Doctor
Doctor Who Infinity announces episode 4 and episode 5
Missy being added to Doctor Who Legacy
Phil Morris announces non-Doctor Who missing episode find on The One Show
Titan Comics Humble Bundle

9 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #656 – No Sir, All Thirteen

  1. Thought the episode was pretty meh. The plot was taken out of predator, too many companions resulting in a lof of people standing around doing nothing or just off screen for no reason, Jodie seems to just be channeling a weaker knock off DT at times while having these really slow ramblings to herself that are a struggle to hear due to her accent.

  2. About BBC America. Sigh. There is nothing that is beneath them. All last season we would wonder is that the end of the show? No credits and no wrap up scene. Then next week, there would be a scene in the last week’s show that they show before the current show that we DIDN’T SEE LAST WEEK and the credits. We kept adjusting the DVR. Finally, we realized that last scene and credits were buried 15 minutes into Orphan Black. A show in its final season, no need to promote (?) it in this way. Still mad. Hoping it won’t happen this season, but based on premiere not too optimistic. It was (will be) INFURIATING.

  3. Sharon D Clarks character…

    I thought she might be recruiting….

    Time travel show. Duh. She might return.

  4. You guys are trying real hard to say positive things. Ha!

    Don’t mind the idea of a female Doctor (big fan of Phoebe Waller-Bridge) But gosh! Really? Just not a good story. Not really funny. No magic spark!

    Love the way it looked.
    Loved a slower pace.
    Loved the attempt to focus on character.

    But just not good Doctor Who

    Seems like there are lots of folks working overtime to say positive things despite the flaws. You guys as well.

    Oh well. Tough place for you guys to be in.

  5. I liked it…a bunch! After the week of political crappage that clogged the screens I was thrilled to have a wonderful new Doctor to cheer on. She stepped into the role quite admirably and I had no trouble believing that 30 minutes prior she had been a white haired Scotsman.

  6. I really enjoyed this start of Jodie’s era. The story was simple but well written. Jodie was funny but had enough seriousness about her to be the doctor. I like a lot of the characterisation of the soon to be time team (companions). They were all in a very scary situation and this strange but appealing new stranger to think about. Interesting discussion about the comparison of start of new eras. This story is better than Deep breath, which had too much of Capaldi wondering who he was. I liked the Christmas Invasion, but that was about Christmas as well as the new doctor. The girl who fell to earth is a good start (the monster was pretty scary too).

  7. steven i like the tripods too wonderful example of English 80s television don’t despear big finish will make it.

  8. Loved the new sonic, but had a question about the episode.

    What the Doctor did to Tzim-Sha was little different than what Karl did to him. The Doctor did it with a little poetic justice thrown in but still. Why did the doctor yell, “You had no right!” at Karl? If the Doctor had the right to defend herself and the people around her, then why didn’t Karl?

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