Radio Free Skaro #655 – Her Majesty

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The countdown is on with one week to a new Doctor and a new era, and the media frenzy continues unabated with Jodie Whittaker playing an entirely non-canon Theremin on the Graham Norton Show, talking on BBC Radio6, giving us the first(ish) glimpse at her Doctor with a 53 second clip, and frankly a staggering amount of news that can’t possibly be summed up with these pithy remarks. We also have a quick visit from Paul Cornell to discuss his last-ever Doctor Who week available now in a new Titan Comics Humble Bundle, and last week’s Series 11 panel from Edmonton Expo, with Earp Chirpers and Whovians Erika Ensign and Annette Wierstra, Variant Edmonton comic book purveyor (and Doctor Whoocher) Danica LeBlanc…and Steven.

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Edmonton Expo
Series 11 will debut at 6:45pm BST on BBC One, simulcast on SPACE and BBC America
NYCC will include a simulcast viewing and Q&A afterward with Whittaker, Chibnall and Strevens
Only “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” will be simulcast
SPACE will also simulcast the premiere
SPACE free preview, and premiere will be on
Sheffield press launch for Series 11
Press launch photos
NYCC Doctor Who panel details
SPACE interview with new friends/companions
The Series 11 theme tune samples the original
Whittaker did her own stunts for episode 1
Clip from episode 1 shown on The Graham Norton Show
Whittaker on Shaun Keaveny’s Radio 6 show, starts after the two hour mark
Whittaker surprises fans
Big Finish “Cold Vengeance” on vinyl
Unofficial 1972 Doctor Who Annual due February 2019
BARB expanding recording of devices used to view content
Jenna Coleman at Chicago TARDIS
Titan Comics Humble Bundle
Paul Cornell’s final Doctor Who work is part of this Humble Bundle


Paul Cornell

Edmonton Expo Panel:

Edmonton Expo
Steven Schapansky
Erika Ensign
Danica LeBlanc
Annette Wierstra

3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #655 – Her Majesty

  1. Re; convention prices:
    As a whovian since 1963 premier (hiding behind sofa).

    Montreal Comic-Con had David Tennant..ya , I was in the lineup for his signature, till an employee of MTLCC told it would be $120 (god know what photo op was)… after chocking & yellin WTF & then being told by stormtrooper (Nazi type) “no photo “ of the lineups (?because David was a tiny blur in distance) … I left, so no Piper ($60 – 2 Years ago ) & Tennant set ……

  2. Having seen the new episode….I greatly enjoyed it and after the second viewing was very impressed….however I did have an issue with the accents….clearly Jodie had reverted to her natural accent based in Yorkshire …which has a number of slightly different lilts….Bradley did his natural particular London , Estuary English accent…but there are many….that was all fine …..I think everyone else did fake Sheffield accents and it grated a bit . Maybe I am being pompous , but I am from the North of England but I like to hear clear dialogue and if you seem to require an accent …get it correct. Apart from that I thought it was wonderful.

  3. OK, you sold me on the Humble Bundle. Bought that and then looked at all the loads of items I’ve bought from the Humble Bundle that I have never read (and perhaps will never have time to read).

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