Radio Free Skaro #499 – Knightmare On Elm Street


Radio Free Skaro #499 – Click here to listen!

rfs499The Doctor reunites with Ashildr/Me…but is she a friend of an enemy? More to the point, was “The Woman Who Lived” better or worse than the episode that preceded it, “The Girl Who Died?” Also, is it possible to contain the sheer amount of squee generated when Sir John Hurt was announced as a guest at Gallifrey One? Perhaps the antidote (or “anti-squee”, if you will) is an upcoming K-9 film…co-starring Omega? The mind reels! Anyway, listen on, and look out, England, Steven and Warren are coming to visit you next week!
Show notes:

Doctor Who, Series 9, Episode 6 “The Woman Who Lived”
Is this the last we’ll see of Maisie Williams in Doctor Who?
“The Girl Who Died” AI of 82
“Before The Flood” final ratings: 6.05m
Jamie Mathieson, Rachel Talalay returning to Gallifrey One
Sir John Hurt attending Gallifrey One
Storyboards for “The Day of the Doctor” feature the 9th Doctor
Nothing At The End Of The Lane, Issue 4
New movie “K9: Timequake” coming to theatres in 2017


2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #499 – Knightmare On Elm Street

  1. Great as ever guys. One thought tho: the big nose.. Handkerchief joke.

    That’s a very common ‘bait and switch’ joke in the UK. You implied he didn’t understand the joke but that IS the joke.

    It’s basically a riff on “You know what they say about a guy with big feet?” “…big shoes?”

  2. Steven: “Murdoch Mysteries” is weirdly addictive, actually. I agree with you about the BBC/CBC feelings–wrote a letter to the BBC consultation urging them not to follow Canada’s lead (while also realizing they might not care about Canadian opinions).

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