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Radio Free Skaro #499 – Knightmare On Elm Street

<![CDATA[ The Doctor reunites with Ashildr/Me…but is she a friend of an enemy? More to the point, was “The Woman Who Lived” better or worse than the episode that preceded it, “The Girl Who Died?” Also, is it possible to contain the sheer amount… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #499 – Knightmare On Elm Street”

Radio Free Skaro #166 – All Roads Lead To Ay-dric

<![CDATA[ Warren is finally back from Japan and China so the Three Who Rule were once again united. Doctor Who spinoffs were the order of the day as The Sarah Jane Adventures featured the first signs of The Doctor since Easter and K9 got… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #166 – All Roads Lead To Ay-dric”

K9 Sneak Peek

<![CDATA[News site The Doctor Who Site has published a sneak peek of the new K9 series, which actually looks pretty decent (though obviously intended for the kiddies). What’s really surprising about it all is they claim the K9 series launches this coming Saturday –… Continue Reading “K9 Sneak Peek”