K9 Sneak Peek

<![CDATA[News site The Doctor Who Site has published a sneak peek of the new K9 series, which actually looks pretty decent (though obviously intended for the kiddies). What’s really surprising about it all is they claim the K9 series launches this coming Saturday – yes, Halloween Saturday – on Disney XD in the UK. In all fairness the release date for the K9 series hasn’t been something most people in the Doctor Who universe have sought out, but the timing is definitely a surprise.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is the sneak peek:


One Comment on “K9 Sneak Peek

  1. Technically, just the preview is premiering Saturday. K-9 premieres in 2010 in the UK. This schedule info must have been out for days – frustrated that I missed it when writing the latest TWIDW. Go K-9. Be a great TV show, and having done that, get good ratings for a long life.

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