The Waters of Mars – Sunday, November 15

<![CDATA[watersofmarsThe press launch for the upcoming Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars, took place in London on October 30. Many in attendance were shocked by what they saw, and many were amazed. The rest of us don’t have to wait long, either, as it was announced that the official broadcast date for the special will be Sunday, November 15, at 7:00 pm on BBC One. David Tennant confirms the news himself on an interview on GMTV, as seen below:

And another clip of Lizo Mzimba interviewing David Tennant and Russell T Davies after the preview screening:

We at Radio Free Skaro will be all over the return of Doctor Who to our screens with a full preview in Episode 167 of The Waters of Mars the week before it airs, and our thoughts of the special shortly after it airs on Episode 168.]]>

One Comment on “The Waters of Mars – Sunday, November 15

  1. good job keeping on top of the story! this is the first place I saw to embed those clips. well done. also cool to see the new header graphic updated w/ the broadcast info so quick. well done.

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