Radio Free Skaro #165 – Radio Free Skaro in an Exciting Adventure With The Minute Doctor Who Podcast


Radio Free Skaro #165 – Click here to listen

rfs165Warren is still trundling around Asia so in his absence the remaining Two Who Rule invited along Luke from The Minute Doctor Who Podcast to join in the frivolity. Some good news (Doctor Who confirmed for Christmas and a Children in Need Preview of Tennant’s penultimate episode) was discussed as was some bad news (various bits of DVD-related disappointments) whilst opinions were split down the middle on the latest installment of The Sarah Jane Adventures (quite a tough thing to do with an odd number of participants). David Whitaker gets quite the workout in the miniscope, complete with a Vampire/Halloween tie-in, and Steven finally commits to an appearance on Luke’s Doctor Who-based Mastermind quiz!
Show Notes:

Skaro Shop…Buy Our Stuff!
The Minute Doctor Who…Podcast!
Doctor Who…at Christmas!
Children…In Need!!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 3 Ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Episode 4 Ratings!
Sarah Jane Adventures…Appreciated!
Tennant…Fictitious Scottish BAFTA Nomination!
Project 3…Rumours!
Restoration Team…DVD News!

Miniscope Links (David Whitaker):
The Edge…of Destruction!
The Power…of the Daleks!
The Evil…of the Daleks!
The Enemy…of the World!
The Wheel…in Space!
The Ambassadors…of Death!


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