Gallifrey One 2014 Guest Update


Some big name Doctor Who actors, and one new series director, have been announced for the Gallifrey One convention in February 2014! (And the Gallifrey One website has received a makeover, as well!)

nicolabryantNicola Bryant played Peri (Perpugilliam Brown) across three seasons from 1984-86, arriving in dazzling fashion in “Planet of Fire” and exiting the series in the shocking “Mindwarp”. Nicola has since reprised the role on several occasions in Big Finish audio dramas. Nicola will be making her first appearance at Gallifrey One since 2009.
CaroleAnnFordThe very first companion actress in the long history of the show, Carole Ann Ford played The Doctor’s granddaughter Susan from 1963-1964, reprising her role in 1983’s The Five Doctors. Carole previously appeared at Gallifrey One in 2002, and was slated to appear at Gally in 2013 before having to bow out, so we’re delighted to be able to see Carole Ann next year!
matthewwaterhouseOne of the youngest companion actors ever to appear in Doctor Who, Matthew Waterhouse played Adric for two years, joining the TARDIS team in “Full Circle” (1980) and exiting the series in the staggering “Earthshock” (1982). Matthew last appeared at Gallifrey One in 2011.
stuartmilliganStuart Milligan is an American actor based in the UK, and thus was perfect casting as President Richard M. Nixon in “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon” from 2011. Milligan also voiced the character of Colonel Stark in 2009’s animated story “Dreamland”. Stuart will be making his first appearance at Gallifrey One.
nabilshabanThe most iconic villain of the Sixth Doctor era, and one of the most memorable characters in the entire history of Doctor Who, was Sil, who appeared in Vengeance on Varos and Mindwarp. Sil was brought to life with amazing relish by Nabil Shaban. Nabil will be making his first appearance at Gallifrey One in 2014.
lachelecarlWhenever news broke in the Russell T Davies era of Doctor Who, Trinity Wells was there. Lachele Carl played the fictitious American news anchor on several episodes of Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood. Lachele will be making her first apperance at Gallifrey One.
veliletshabalalaThis may be open to debate, but Rosita Farisi, who was companion to David Morrissey’s “Doctor” (real name: Jackson Lake) in 2008’s “The Next Doctor”. Regardless of companion canon debates, actress Velile Tshabalala played Rosita in the episode, and will be making her first Gallifrey One appearance in 2014.
stevehughesSteve Hughes has (to date) only directed one episode of Doctor Who, but in directing 2011’s “Closing Time”, he help bring to life the reunion between actors Matt Smith and James Corden, who had last appeared together the previous year in “The Lodger”, as well as offer fans their first glimpse of a Cybermat in the new series. This will be Steve’s first appearance at Gallifrey One.
Check out the full list of guests on the Gallifrey One website. Stay tuned to Gallifrey One and Radio Free Skaro for future guest announcements!


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