Radio Free Skaro #368 – Iron Pants


Radio Free Skaro #368 – Click here to listen!

rfs368It may be six months until new Doctor Who, but…we’ve got stats! So, so many stats. Also, Warren gets a lot of facts wrong (as usual), we’ve invented an exciting new drink called “whiskwee”, and for the first time in RFS history, we have a contest to win a DVD box set of Series 7 and The Snowmen! Check our Facebook page on Monday, May 26 for all the details on how you can win these shiny platters of loveliness.

But while you wait to pitch wits against your fellow Whovians, listen to the Torchwood panel from last month’s Calgary Expo featuring the brilliant bon mots of John Barrowman, Eve Myles and Gareth David-Lloyd and moderated by Steven. Fun was had! Pants were shed! And swears were uttered, so keep the kid lets away (or wear headphones) as we shred the iTunes “explicit” tag into a million tiny pieces.

Show Notes:

The Name of the Doctor…Appreciated!
The Name of the Doctor…Breaks SPACE Records!
Nightmare in Silver…Final BBC Ratings!
Clarence…and the Whispermen!
BFI…Seventh Doctor Screening!
BBC Books…Autumn Releases!

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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #368 – Iron Pants

  1. Pitying Warren for relating the Great intelligence to the Nestene Intelligence publicly.The increased banter ratio of new broadcasts without Doctor Who stories to analyse and discuss necessitates these unfortunate atrocities occasionally. Harder for Warren to tell them apart since they can’t be depicted as action figures too,i guess.Nevermind,thanks for a reliably enjoyable podcast anyway.Should have praised pedantor for persevering with the show when he practically couldn’t speak,the other week. K9 didn’t manage that but pedantor doesn’t shut up.Those forthcoming Doctor Who books you made me aware of have me wondering how i will stop salivating when i actually see them.

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