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A New Companion for the Sixth Doctor – and a Boyfriend for Peri in “Blood on Santa’s Claw”

A new traveller joins the TARDIS team, as companion Peri finds herself a boyfriend in the forthcoming Sixth Doctor special, Blood on Santa’s Claw and Other Stories.   This four-part box set will be released in time for Christmas, and is now available for pre-order as a collector’s…

Radio Free Skaro #618 – Life of Bryant

Gallifrey One is edging closer to reality and we’re pleased to announce our live show will start off the Friday festivities with “Radio Free Skaro and the Seven Keys to Doomsday,” with Sylvester McCoy, Rona Munro, Philip Martin, Stephen Wyatt, Hayley Nebauer and Lawrence…

Radio Free Skaro #479 – Run Forest Run

Gallifrey One 2014 Guest Update

Radio Free Skaro #246 – Phantom Of The Optera