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Curse of the Black Spot – Prequel

<![CDATA[Immediately after transmission of Day of the Moon, the BBC released the next prequel episode for the current series of Doctor Who, whetting our appetite for The Curse of the Black Spot. Have a look! http://www.bbc.co.uk/emp/external/player.swf%5D%5D&gt;

Radio Free Skaro #246 – Phantom Of The Optera

<![CDATA[http://widgets.getglue.com/checkin.js After an almost three month wait, there was some new Doctor Who content to discuss in the form of two short scenes written for the BBC’s Red Nose Day coverage. As well, news hit the wire we’ll be getting a little extra Who… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #246 – Phantom Of The Optera”

Doctor Who Series 6 Prequel Snippets

<![CDATA[The BBC has today announced that prequel snippets will be released ahead of three Series 6 episodes. Presumably similar to the Series 5 DVD linking scenes, we’ll have a short look at what happens between episodes and what will kick off the action. Bottom… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Series 6 Prequel Snippets”