Radio Free Skaro #369 – A Tale of Two Doctors


Radio Free Skaro #369 – Click here to listen!

rfs369In an uneventful, post finale, nothing ever happens week, The Three Who Rule….wait, HOLD ON, JUST A SECOND…..Chris isn’t on the show this week. Oh, and also, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.

Yes, the floppy haired foetus who charmed his way into our hearts in the Eleventh Hour has decided to vacate the TARDIS, but not before the 50th Anniversary and Christmas specials this year. Smith’s tenure spanned arguably the greatest period of global mainstream popularity the show has ever seen, and it is likely the search and selection of the next Doctor will garner more than a little attention from both fans and the not-we. Let the speculation, tears, jeers, madness, forum bile and lunacy begin! We also have news, japes, Warren trying and failing to explain Guardians of the Galaxy to Steven, and a winner for our DVD caption contest! Hooray!

Show Notes:

Matt Smith…leaves Doctor Who!
Ben Daniels…the next Doctor?
The Name of the Doctor…final ratings!
The Doctors Revisited revisits…Vengeance on Varos!
Gallifrey One…Guest Update!
Doctor Who…Trivial Pursuit!
Doctor Who…Bluetooth speaker!


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One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #369 – A Tale of Two Doctors

  1. Does anyone know the odds of Jenna being the next Doctor?

    Being in his time-stream she is essentially physically inside the Doctor so anything odd can happen. She’s also signed up for series 8 already.

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