August 2013 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases


August 13 brings to North America two Doctor Who releases from the Jon Pertwee era, including the first (and only) original series story to be released on Blu-Ray.

The Green Death gets the Special Edition treatment, and will hopefully include Death of the Doctor, the Sarah Jane Adventures story, which will appear on the region 2 release. Full extras for Region 1 have yet to be announced. This post will be updated when details are known, and also when proper artwork is available. Extras will include dual commentaries, an interview with Robert Sloman, the aforementioned Sarah Jane Adventures episodes, documentaries and more.

On the same day, those of us in Region A will also be able to buy the oft-rumoured and soon-to-be-tangible Blu-Ray release of Jon Pertwee’s debut story, Spearhead from Space. As with its companion release, no details or final artwork have been made available. We anticipate a great deal of popularity with this release, despite the fact the BBC has already double-dipped (now triple-dipped) with releases of Spearhead. Bonus features on the release include a piece on Caroline John, a comparison of the newly-restored version with what came before, and more.

MSRP for The Green Death, a 2-disc release, will be $34.98; MSRP for the single disc Spearhead is $29.98. Package art will be added once available; the artwork above is from the UK releases. Click on the artwork above for larger images, and check for more details!


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