Radio Free Skaro #370 – Pride (In The Name Of Who)


Radio Free Skaro #370 – Click here to listen!

rfs370Another week and still no new Doctor Who. The long 6-month wait for the 50th Anniversary Special means speculation about the show’s future in the form of the next actor (or will it be actress?) to play The Doctor. But it’s not all bad as there are always stats to be had, always new Doctor Who merchandise to be discussed and/or mocked and of course talk of DVDs and just how lucky we are as Doctor Who fans to have the Restoration Team. Featured in this jam-packed episode of Radio Free Skaro is an interview with Michael Damian Thomas, who as co-editor of Queers Dig Time Lords, talks about the queer segment of Doctor Who fandom and what draws people to our beloved show. Enjoy!
Show Notes:

A Female Doctor…A Bad Idea?
The Next Doctor…Rory Kinnear?
May…iPlayer Stats!
Doctor Who…New Visual Effects Team!
BFI…Screens Making-Of!
August 2013…North America DVD/BD Releases!
3.75″ Action Figures…Now Available!
Sixth Doctor…eBook!
Eleventh Doctor…Alternate Costume T-Shirt!
Brigadier Costume…T-Shirt!
Doctor Who…Aprons!
Doctor Who Experience…Cardiff Walking Tour!
A TARDIS…In Space!


Michael D Thomas…On Queers Dig Time Lords!

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3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #370 – Pride (In The Name Of Who)

  1. The Doctor has used guns. The Doctor walked away from a man he knew was going to kill himself. He murdered a man in this past series! (a bad old man, but still). The Doctor shows vengeance.

    The Doctor has not been a “good man” since stealing the TARDIS (that is my personal canon). Which is one of the reasons I love River’s take down of him in “A good man goes to war” River is spot on! The Doctor knows these things, that is why he needs rules, he knows he breaks them.

    Moral? Ethical? Role Model? Not a bit of it! I still adore The Doctor but it is difficult at times when the moral compass of the show is sometimes so off kilter!

    When Nine said “Coward, any day” I cheered out loud! It made my heart sing!

    The Doctor is a complex character and to call “him” a role model (for males) is missing the extent of that complexity.

    It is also a contemptible way of keeping females out of the lead role.

    I do not care about the gender of the actor. That is exactly my point.

  2. The unexpected return of ‘STATS!’ this week made my ears happy. Your show just isn’t the same without it.

    (Of course, if you’re looking for some stats to cover in the interim, how about examining the overnights, final figures and chart positions of Radio Free Skaro episodes?)

  3. I agree with the above poster and I would like to add a few things.

    While I agree that boys need more positive role models, especially in this time with the resurgence of ‘lad culture’ in the UK, I think it is imperative to demonstrate to boys and young men that women can occupy roles that men have traditionally held. Why can’t a woman be a role model for boys? Society needs to show boys that their masculinity will not be threatened if they look up to women and not to mention their own peers, girls.

    I am not implying that the casting a female Doctor would eliminate worldwide gender injustice but I think as fans we need to keep an open-mind about the possible casting of a female Doctor and not make excuses that a female Doctor would somehow create effeminate boys. With that being said, I am also very concerned about casting a woman because she is simply a woman. As a feminist, I would much prefer the powers that be cast an actor or actress who they feel will excel at the role and carry the role and the show into an interesting and exciting direction.

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