Radio Free Skaro #371 – Bless the Rains


Radio Free Skaro #371 – Click here to listen!

rfs371The Doctor Who rumour mill was in full blown chaos this week with Twelfth Doctor casting rumours giving way to tales of hoards of missing episodes being recovered. The Two Who Rule (Chris managed to escape the mongering of said rumours) neatly sidestepped harmless (or harmful) speculation by delving into talk of the future of the film industry and 3D TV and its relation to Doctor Who. But Chris returns (and Warren departs) to talk to Neil Perryman, dear friend and author who is writing the upcoming Adventures of the Wife in Space book, based on his hugely successful blog. Listen on!
Show Notes:

Warren’s playing…the Doctor Who Role Playing game!
BBC iPlayer figures…now official!
May…iPlayer Stats!
Sixth Doctor celebration…at the BFI!


Neil Perryman…Adventures with the Wife in Space!

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2 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #371 – Bless the Rains

  1. Commendably entertaining podcast this week despite the scarcity of real Doctor Who news to discuss and being Pedantorless .Very amused by your aversion to discussing the gender topic after Neil instigated it,the fear was nearly tangible.Comedy gold.I suppose a lot of your audience might have considered your discussion about Lucas and Spielberg’s concerns about the film industry as not pertinent to Doctor Who but i welcomed it.I’m actually very keen to see how Karen Gillan’s film worked out but although it’s made i can’t even be certain it’s going to be available to watch in a cinema because of the way things are currently.If established talent like Lucas,Spielberg and Lynch can barely get their films into cinemas now how can little independent films with new actors and directors be sure of reaching the audience they’re making their films for?It’s hard enough even getting financial support to get films made in these austere times.

  2. The BBC started a two year trial of 3D in 2011.

    So far, they’ve shown in 3D:

    – The finals of the Wimbledon singles.

    – The final of Stricly Come Dancing.

    – Planet Dinosaur.

    – Mr Stink, a comedy based on the book written by God Complex actor David Walliams.

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