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April 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases

<![CDATA[ The April 2012 Doctor Who DVD releases have been announced, and we’ll see one new title and one Revisitations title. Hitting store shelves on April 10, The Daemons will not have the Return To Devil’s End featurette on it, but that was known… Continue Reading “April 2012 North America Doctor Who DVD Releases”

Doctor Who – UNIT Box DVDs

<![CDATA[ Doctor Who blog Blogtor Who has noted that being featured in the Coming Soon trailer from the upcoming Colony in Space DVD is The UNIT Box. The UNIT Box will be a 2-story release featuring the Jon Pertwee story Invasion of the Dinosaurs… Continue Reading “Doctor Who – UNIT Box DVDs”

Radio Free Skaro #178 – Fnargengruven

<![CDATA[ In a move that could be precipitated only by Slownewsweekor, the Three Who Rule relied upon Torchwood discussion to fuel the latest Radio Free Skaro episode. The news of Torchwood maybe coming to America hit like a ton of bricks and startled much… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #178 – Fnargengruven”

March 2010 North American DVD Releases

<![CDATA[The next batch of North American DVDs has been announced, and March 2, 2010 will see the releases of the Special Edition of Remembrance of the Daleks alongside the much-anticipated Dalek War box set containing the Jon Pertwee stories Frontier in Space and Planet… Continue Reading “March 2010 North American DVD Releases”