Doctor Who – UNIT Box DVDs


Invasion of the Dinoaurs T-Rex
Doctor Who blog Blogtor Who has noted that being featured in the Coming Soon trailer from the upcoming Colony in Space DVD is The UNIT Box.

The UNIT Box will be a 2-story release featuring the Jon Pertwee story Invasion of the Dinosaurs and the final Tom Baker-era UNIT story The Android Invasion. Details regarding contents or price, and the release date itself, are as yet unknown, though this source states an early 2012 release is most likely; the Colony in Space DVD, on which the Coming Soon trailer appears, is set for a UK release on October 3 and US/Canada release on November 8.

The BBFC classification for the UNIT Box trailer came through in late July, though recently Colony in Space screener copies have made their way to review outlets making the information more widespread.


One Comment on “Doctor Who – UNIT Box DVDs

  1. It’s great that a UNIT box set is coming out. However, how can a UNIT boxset include a story (Android Invasion) that doesn’t include the Brigadier!?

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