Doctor Who Podcast Alliance – Spoilers Discussion


DWPA Spoiler Discussion – Click here to listen!

A little while ago, James from The Doctor Who Podcast spearheaded a project looking at discussing what is and isn’t considered to be a spoiler. He enlisted the help from several Doctor Who Podcast Alliance podcasters and the project has now been completed.

A big thanks to James and Adam from Staggering Stories for getting this oft-debated segment of fandom dissected!

Participating podcasts are:

– The Doctor Who Podcast
– Staggering Stories
– The Flashing Blade
– The Impossible Podcast
– The Naked Scarf
– The Minute Doctor Who Podcast
– The Untempered Schism
– The DWO Whocast

Have a listen in the player above!

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One Comment on “Doctor Who Podcast Alliance – Spoilers Discussion

  1. George Lucas can’t complain about spoilers. If anyone new to Star Wars watches the movies in the order he wants, starting from Episode One:The Phantom Menance, by the time they make it to Luke confronting Darth Vader in TESB everything worth keeping secret has been revealed by George Lucas himself in his spoiler-filled prequels.

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