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Pierhead Sessions Discuss Doctor Who

<![CDATA[ The Pierhead Sessions took place in Cardiff from March 4-6, 2010. These sessions were set up to discuss various media issues and events that have affected Wales, and, naturally, the arrival of Doctor Who in Cardiff was one of the prime topics discussed.… Continue Reading “Pierhead Sessions Discuss Doctor Who”

Radio Free Skaro #189 – Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?

<![CDATA[ Series Fnarg – check that, Series Five – premiere news was the order of the day as the UK, US and Australia have all announced details about their respective launches while Canada sits in the background taking notes. From the bus to the… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #189 – Do You Like Movies About Gladiators?”

Second Series Fnarg Trailer

<![CDATA[Today the BBC aired a new trailer for the first Matt Smith series, presented here in shameful 2D while UK cinemas will soon get a 3D version which will no doubt be squeeful eye candy. The best part of the trailer comes at the… Continue Reading “Second Series Fnarg Trailer”

Radio Free Skaro #178 – Fnargengruven

<![CDATA[ In a move that could be precipitated only by Slownewsweekor, the Three Who Rule relied upon Torchwood discussion to fuel the latest Radio Free Skaro episode. The news of Torchwood maybe coming to America hit like a ton of bricks and startled much… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #178 – Fnargengruven”

Radio Free Skaro #176 – Neil Before Zod!

<![CDATA[ One mini-break in the wilderness is over for Doctor Who and it’s time to look at the gap year that was as we head into the next wilderness mini-break, awaiting Matt Smith’s first series. To aid in the retrospective the Three Who Rule… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #176 – Neil Before Zod!”

The End of Time – New Trailer! (16.12.2009)

<![CDATA[Straight after David Tennant’s episode of Never Mind The Buzzcocks went out tonight, the BBC aired a new trailer for The End of Time. While much of the material is recycled from other sources there is indeed new content so standard spoiler warnings apply.… Continue Reading “The End of Time – New Trailer! (16.12.2009)”

BBC Doctor Who Christmas Idents

<![CDATA[As mentioned in previous Radio Free Skaro episodes, the BBC released four holiday-themed idents for BBC One. Originally they came as part of the yearly Adventure Calendar on Day Four but have recently transmitted on BBC One. Now that they have done so (and… Continue Reading “BBC Doctor Who Christmas Idents”

Radio Free Skaro #172 – Hats Off To (Graeme) Harper

<![CDATA[ The surest sign of an impending deluge of press reports is upon The Three Who Rule — a slow news week, aka the calm before the storm. In what seems fitting for an audio podcast, most of the points of discussion involve audio… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro #172 – Hats Off To (Graeme) Harper”

Merry Christmas from David Tennant

<![CDATA[The BBC has posted a couple Christmas greetings with David Tennant with the most nostalgic gift for Classic Who fans as a bonus — old-school CSO fringing! Enjoy! ]]>

SPACE Podcast – December 11, 2009

<![CDATA[The latest SPACE Podcast, for the week of December 11, 2009, has been released, again featuring a segment by The Three Who Rule. This week, the lads talk of the dark days of the BBC — missing episodes. Join hosts Mark Askwith and Ajay… Continue Reading “SPACE Podcast – December 11, 2009”