Radio Free Skaro #307 – Here’s To The Future

Radio Free Skaro #307 – Click here to listen!

One of the more maligned contributors to the world of Doctor Who over the years has been musician Keff McCulloch. Responsible for the final variation of the Doctor Who theme for the classic series, “Deaf Keff” (as some have dubbed him) also provided incidental music for half of the stories in the Sylvester McCoy era. Did McCulloch’s rampant use of sampling keyboards and predilection for digital handclaps invite a torrent of scorn from The Three Who Rule? McCulloch is the subject in this episode’s Miniscope segment, and, with a bit of help from Luke from TMDWP, the Three try and delve into why they think Keff’s music is so unpopular, while trying to decipher if they themselves agree with popular opinion.
Show Notes:

The Sonic Screwdriver…Becomes Reality!
July 2012…Region 1 DVD Releases!
DVD Commentary…Profile!
BBC TV Centre…Documentary!
Doctor Who Sound Effects LPs…Re-released!



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4 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #307 – Here’s To The Future

  1. A great podcast whic raises a really interesting question – how much did the (mostly) poor music in the last couple of seasons damage the show?

    Rememberance of the Daleks, Battlefield, Ghost Light and The Curse of Fenric were very good storys. If they were scored with the music that Murray Gold brought in for the relaunch series, would they have been more favourably viewed and would they have been remembered with more kindness than the population in general have given it?

  2. A great episode as always, and one in which I found myself agreeing with Warren for it’s entire duration. Specially regarding Murray Gold and Jazz.

  3. Best. Miniscope. Ever.

    I started to think Warren was going to Hulk Smash his computer by the end…

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