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FOX to Produce a US Version of Torchwood

<![CDATA[The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that FOX is developing a new version of Torchwood for air in the US, written by Russell T Davies and produced by Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter at BBC Worldwide. Read the full story here, and here for Den… Continue Reading “FOX to Produce a US Version of Torchwood”

SPACE Blog: Death in Who

<![CDATA[ Death is the universal equalizer, most people’s worst fear and the final act in everyone’s life. In science fiction, unlike the real world, it’s also reversible, and no show does more to dodge death than Doctor Who. What other television show has a… Continue Reading “SPACE Blog: Death in Who”

Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE

SPACE (, the home of Doctor Who and Torchwood in Canada, announced today that Radio Free Skaro will be blogging for the nation’s sci-fi channel, by way of our own Warren Frey! Warren will naturally be blogging about all things Doctor Who leading up… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro Blogs for SPACE”

Radio Free Skaro presents Bridging The Rift

A couple weeks ago, Radio Free Skaro released a special Wednesday Cutaway episode of our podcast, focusing on the controversy surrounding Torchwood: Children of Earth and the perceived homophobia centred around the series. Hosted by Katrina, Nat and Erik, the episode proved to be… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro presents Bridging The Rift”

Tennant, Barrowman, and RTD at SDCC

For those who wish they were at San Diego Comic-Con right now but aren’t, here’s David Tennant, John Barrowman, and Russell T Davies introducing the screenings of both Torchwood: Children of Earth, Day Five and Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead.: (Thanks to Tim… Continue Reading “Tennant, Barrowman, and RTD at SDCC”

Radio Free Skaro – Wednesday Cutaway

In a noteworthy Wednesday cutaway, Radio Free Skaro enlisted the help of some of our LGBT listeners to hold a discussion on the recent uproar about Torchwood: Children of Earth (about which there will be spoilers!) and the perceived homophobia many in the fandom… Continue Reading “Radio Free Skaro – Wednesday Cutaway”

Torchwood – Best Viewed In 60-Second Bursts

Another week, another impressive looking Torchwood trailer for your approval. Anticipation, and expectation, grows… This one is from BBC One :

Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs

Those of you who listen to Radio Free Skaro know that the general consensus of the hosts in regards to their thoughts on Torchwood veer from indifference to disappointment to pleasantly surprised to, even, anticipointment. With few highlights (“Small Worlds”, “Something Borrowed”) in the… Continue Reading “Breaking News: Impressive Torchwood Trailer Airs”

Who Party in Toronto – June 13, 2009

Those of you in the Toronto area should circle Saturday, June 13 on your calendar, and those of you who aren’t in Toronto will want to be on that date, as well. On that day, Who Party 14 will be taking place, a one… Continue Reading “Who Party in Toronto – June 13, 2009”

Doctor Who Podcasters Unite – Part Two!

(Now updated with Radio Free Skaro’s contribution in Part Two. Scroll to the bottom of this article to listen.) As most of you know, to be a Doctor Who fan in the UK right now is to be on top of the world. The… Continue Reading “Doctor Who Podcasters Unite – Part Two!”