FOX to Produce a US Version of Torchwood

<![CDATA[jack_usaThe Hollywood Reporter is reporting that FOX is developing a new version of Torchwood for air in the US, written by Russell T Davies and produced by Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter at BBC Worldwide. Read the full story here, and here for Den of Geek’s (whose charming picture we’ve borrowed for this article) take on affairs.

This can’t be seen as too much of surprise, given how many of the key cogs behind Torchwood’s creation, namely Davies, Gardner, and Tranter, are all working in the US now. The new series will probably star John Barrowman as Captain Jack, and, given how many story threads of the Cardiff-based Torchwood team were closed in the thrilling “Children of Earth”, it gives this new Torchwood a blank slate to work off of. The question is, will prudish, mainstream American TV be ready for the pansexual Captain Jack? This is also a man who killed his own grandchild to save mankind in a scene that would have never passed the censors at FOX.

We at Radio Free Skaro find this development interesting, to say the least (and one of our number, Steven, was one of many people who hypothesized that a future Torchwood series might be set in the US). Stay tuned!]]>

2 Comments on “FOX to Produce a US Version of Torchwood

  1. Torchwood worked because it was a unique British Sci-fi.

    It worked because Brittain is possibly… and Unconcountably we’ll British.

    If it lost its tea a biscuit Boy in the Reccon, which it probably would, that would be sad.

    And the fact Jack was well jack, played Artfully well played by Jack Barrowman(and only Barrowman could play Jack no one else could channel that Character as well as Barrowman)

    The americans would Flinch at some of the Fluid Sexuality he expresse’s.

    Which with out which, not being there, wouldn’t make it Torchwood, it would just become one of those Mundane and Over Thronged Sci-fi shows that The US seem to Over bake and Over do over there.

    Anyway Russel can do what he like I supposed, but I won’t sit through a US remake though on principle!

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