Radio Free Skaro #885 – Who’s There?

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Happy New Year! It’s the beginning of 2023 so what better way to ring in the new year with two things recorded in 2022! First we have the Timelash, and then we bring you the adventures of PCap, Bill, and a bunch of wacky termite infested kids as they take on a haunted house, a weirdo landlord and more in our Modern Series Commentary for “Knock Knock”!



One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #885 – Who’s There?

  1. Each time I hear you speak of your minority support for “Attach of the Cybermen”, I think “oh hellz yeah I love that story”. I have loved it for years. It was one I had on VHS back in the 80s (thank you WLIW) and wore that tape thin. Don’t get me wrong, its not your Filet Mignon or Rainbow Roll Sushi. Its more of a sack of 10 White Castle sliders. You know they are bad for you, but you crave them and devour the entire lot. Its followed by glut regret but you know regardless you will do it again!

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