Radio Free Skaro #884 – Holiday Special Deathmatch

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Happy Holidays all and especially a Happy Boxing Day to those in Canada and the UK. And quite a sock to the jaw it was to see a Doctor Who 60th anniversary trailer on Xmas Day! Still nothing new with Ncuti Gatwa’s incarnation of the Doctor but we do have more of Tennant’s Who the 14th, Donna Noble, and most importantly, Beep The Meep! If that wasn’t enough, we’re joined by Kat Griffiths of Verity! and Erika Ensign of Verity!, Lazy Doctor Who, Total Party Kill and more for the first and only Doctor Who Holiday Death Match where we decide once and for all the all-time champion Xmas/New Year special! Get ready for fierce debate, divisive opinions and…maybe some boxing? Tune in and find out!



3 Comments on “Radio Free Skaro #884 – Holiday Special Deathmatch

    • This has to be one of the best RFS episodes ever. The death match was brilliant!

  1. Hi guys, great show. Not sure if Power of Kroll ratings benefitted from ITV not being broadcast due to a strike during Xmas 1978

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