Radio Free Skaro #886 – In Vino Veritas

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We have an extra special third chair this week, as Erika Ensign of Verity! substitutes for Chris, give us an update on the status of said Doctor Who podcast, and we discuss all manner of Who news including the benefits of combined virtual and in-person cons, new guests coming to Gallifrey One (mere weeks away!) and an onslaught of tat including box sets, audio, digital histories and more! All this and the ever-present Timelash and a staggering web of Who actors related to, partnered with or married to other Who actors that’s sure to confustigate you with befuddlement!


One Comment on “Radio Free Skaro #886 – In Vino Veritas

  1. Yes, the Roy Marsden Adam Dalgliesh mysteries were really good. I remember watching them all at the time as they came out on PBS.

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