Radio Free Skaro #714 – Watch This Space

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Watch this space! Keep watching, as the BBC Doctor Who Twitter presence consistently teases us with a trailer or announcement or something or other, apparently coming on the show’s 56th anniversary of November 23, 2019. Now watch some more! Or just listen to the other news on hand, including Britbox launching in the UK, a BFI screening of the feature-length documentary about John Nathan Turner in the Series 26 Blu-Ray set, Sonic Screwdriver tat, and the resumption of the Doctor Who Series 11 Commentaries with “It Takes You Away” with Nicole Hill!

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Watch This Space
BritBox launches in the UK, Doctor Who absent until Boxing Day
Season 26 Blu-Ray Due March 24 in the US
Feature length JNT documentary from Season 26 Blu-Ray set to have BFI screening
Big Finish First Doctor Adventures Volume 4
Sonic Screwdriver collection
An Unearthly Convention
Chicago TARDIS


It Takes You Away
Nicole Hill

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