Radio Free Skaro #713 – I Know So Little About Telebiogenesis

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Animated Doctor Who reconstructions, off-the-cuff HBO Max reveals of future Doctor Who series, Jodie Whittaker being a Coldplay superfan and most importantly MORE STAR COPS are all in the news mix this week, and our feature interview is with Gavin Rymill and Jon Green, the Youtube documentarians behind the Dalek 6388 deep dive known as “Terry Nation Army”. Take a listen and find out how they plumb the depths of BBC administrivia to bring you a comprehensive look at how Doctor Who’s most iconic villains go from script to screen to shopping mall openings!

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#WhoForSchools initiative
Doctor Who teases “Watch This Space”
HBO Max apparently confirms at least two further seasons of Doctor Who
“Fury From The Deep” to be animated in 2020
“Fury From The Deep” teaser video
Sophie Aldred Doctor Who novel “At Childhood’s End” coming February 2020
Members of Coldplay surprise Jodie Whittaker as she records for Children in Need
Big Finish Star Cops: Mars 1 due December 2019, with Mars 2 due June 2020
Big Finish Blake’s 7 Restoration Part 2 featuring the final work of Paul Darrow as Avon is out in November


Dalek 6388
Terry Nation Army on YouTube

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