Radio Free Skaro #712 – Stay On Target

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The #WhoForSchools initiative has officially launched, and we have the list of commentators on hand for you! Special guests include Sophie Aldred, Andrew Cartmel, Vinay Patel, Peter Harness, and a veritable buffet of Doctor Who podcasters commenting on Series 26 and having fun for a good cause! We also have a release date for “The Edge of Time” VR game, alternate covers for the Thirteenth/Tenth Doctors crossover event from titan Comics, and an interview with Simon Guerrier about the newly released Doctor Who: The Target Storybook!

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#WhoForSchools initiative
#WhoForSchools commentary participant list
Series 11 supercut
Edge of Time release date
First look at Titan Comics Doctors 10 and 13 crossover
Upcoming Keith Barnfather releases featuring Sil
Target Storybook excerpt


Simon Guerrier
Target Storybook, released Oct 24

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