Radio Free Skaro #711 – The Sorting Hat’s Grandpa

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It’s a celebration of anniversaries this week as Doctor Who Magazine, the esteemed publication that has been by the Three Who Rule and many, many others for decades, celebrated its 40th anniversary this past week. And the tenth anniversary season of Classic Doctor Who finally saw its Blu-ray release here in North America, in a slimmer case than in the UK. Oh, the controversy! But the real celebration is welcoming Joy Piedmont from Reality Bomb for the Series 11 commentary of “The Witchfinders”!

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#WhoForSchools initiative
Season 10 Blu-Ray released in North America
Doctor Who Magazine 544, 40th Anniversary issue, released
DWM Doctor Who Companion, Twelfth Doctor Volume 2
Brief history of the Virgin New Adventures
Terry Nation Army video about the Mechanoids
Doctor Who night at the Natural Museum History Lates, October 25


The Witchfinders
Joy Piedmont

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