Radio Free Skaro #710 – The Learning Hall

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This week marks the launch of the #WhoforSchools initiative, a charitable effort spanning the Doctor Who podcast community and spearheaded by Reality Bomb’s Graeme Burk and Joy Piedmont, along with Hockey Feels co-host Rachel Donner, to help fund educational access. Your own hosts have appeared on several different commentaries spanning the 14 episodes of season 26, along with with many other Who luminaries. This week also marks milestones like the 40th anniversary of Doctor Who Magazine, as well as the release of a recreation of the lost Hartnell episode “Mission to the Unknown” by University of Central Lancashire students that if you squint hard enough might as well be Classic Who! Plus we have a Series 11 Commentary for “Kerblam!”, with The Time Ladies, AKA Beth Axford and Kezia Newson!

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#WhoForSchools initiative
“Mission To The Unknown” recreation released on Doctor Who YouTube Channel
Doctor Who features at London Comic-Con October 25-27
Doctor Who Magazine celebrates 40th anniversary
The Unofficial 1987 Doctor Who Annual
“Max Warp” from Big Finish coming vinyl
“Iris Wildthyme and the Polythene Terror” coming from Obverse Books
Arthur Darvill coming to Chicago TARDIS
Stephen Moore, famous as the voice of Marvin the Paranoid Android, has died


The Time Ladies
Kezia Newson
Beth Axford

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